District Governor 2008-2009

Joel has been a member of Rotary for more than 32 years. Joel joined the Riverside Rotary club in 1975. In 1983, Joel joined the Palmyra/Riverton Cinnaminson Rotary club where he remained until moving from New Jersey in 1998 to Pennsylvania. During his tenure at PRC Joel held numerous club and district positions including club president (1992-1993) and DGN 1994-1995. Due to Joel’s wife’s terminal illness, he declined the nomination. Joel was also the founder of PRC’s $10,000 fund raiser raffle in 1991.

In 1998, Joel joined the Kennett at Longwood Rotary Club, now known as Longwood Rotary club where he is currently a member. Again, Joel has held numerous club and district positions. Joel was club president during 2005-2006, assistant District Governor 2002-2005 and nominated Rotarian of the year in 2002 by his Rotary Club. Joel also started the $10,000 fund raiser raffle at Longwood Rotary club which nets an average of $34,000 yearly, and continues to grow today. Joel just returned from his first Rotoplast mission in India in August 2007. The team provided 154 youth as well as adult, a new chance at living a normal life. Joel is a Paul Harris Fellow +5.

Joel is a community leader and advocate for our youth as well as senior citizen involvement. Joel held numerous board member positions with the Cinnaminson School District in New Jersey. Joel was president of the
Kennett Square Senior Center board of directors during 2005-2006, and continues to be an active board member today. Joel was also a member of the Mason/Shriner's organization for more than 35 years.

Joel grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and worked from an early age in the family restaurant. During that time, Joel also attended Temple University. At the early age of 21, Joel bought his first business, a supermarket. It was not long before Joel became a successful business speculator, buying and selling businesses. Joel has been a self-employed business leader for more than 48 years.

Currently retired, Joel lives with his wife Joyce and their two bishon frise dogs in West Chester. Joyce is a circulation manager for Philadelphia Newspapers, LLC since 1982 and also a Rotarian at Longwood Rotary club. Married in October 1997, they will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this month. Joel and Joyce each have one son from previous marriages. Kevin is married to Cheryl with two children, Dylan 13 and Skye 9. Brian 29, Joyce’s son is single and works for Mid-Atlantic Realty in Delaware.

Outside of Rotary and family, Joel enjoys a good work out at the health club, travel, football and viewing old movies.


    Self Employed Business Leader for 48 years.Community Leader and Advocate for Youth Involvement.Rotary Member for more than 30 years.Excellent leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.

Cinnaminson, NJ School Board – 4 year term President of Cinnaminson Boosters Club – 8 year term
Masons and Shriner’s Organization – 35 years 
President of Kennett Square Senior Life Center Board of Directors – Present

  • Member Riverside, NJ 1975 – 1983 - P/R/C, NJ 1983-1998 - Kennett at Longwood, PA 1998 – Present
  • Past Present of Palmyra/Riverton/Cinnaminson 1992-1993
  • District Governor Nominee, NJ 1994-19995 (due to wife’s terminal illness, declined nomination)
  • Founder of $10,000 Fund Raiser Raffle in 1991 to Present
  • President of Kennett at Longwood 2005-2006
  • Operation Warm $100,000 Fund Raiser Chairman
  • District Chairman of Ryla, NJ – 8 years
  • District Chairman Rotary Foundation, NJ
  • Annual Giving Chair Rotary Foundation 2005
  • Assistant District Governor 2002-2005
  • Co-Chairman Frank Devlyn Fund Raiser Dinner
  • Committee Member Centennial Dinner
  • Paul Harris Fellow - +5
  • Club Program Person Submitting Weekly Speakers List
  • District Committee Entering Speakers and Programs on District Website
  • By Using the Website, District can Exchange Names and make Programming Less Stressful
  • This Plan could change a boring club into an interesting one because of better speakers and programs, thus keeping more interested and involved, help attendance and retention of members

  • Need to create a committee to review past district conferences. This committee would make recommendations to future District Governors so District 7450 can generate more interest and participation in the yearly conferences. Programming and pricing are also important factors to consider. We want to reach out to all Rotarians, new members as well as longtime participants. Times have changed and are changing everyday, we must become more progressive in our future application of Rotary rules applying to the District Conference. Committee members must encompass a diverse group of Rotarians. My vision for District 7450, is based on more involvement, less stress. We need to strive to make Rotary more “fun”. The committee that we create to review past District Conferences will look for new and inventive ways to generate excitement and still comply with Rotary rules. Rotary initiatives will be achieved throughout District 7450, beginning with the District Governor, Officers, Chairpersons on down to every club member.