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Inbound GSE team from District 3600 in South Korea
Inbound GSE team from District 3600 in South Korea formally arrived Saturday 20th October at Phila International Airport Terminal D in the early evening. Following their arrival they were taken to the Airport Hilton on Island Aveanue to rest and relax before they undergo a welcome/orientation session on Sunday morning at 11am and then depart for their first homestays in the Ardmore area. They will then go to Great/Cntral Chester County next week, then to Concordville-Chadds Ford and District Conference the following week and then to the Area 2 Rotary Clubs their final week.

The team consists of Team Leader Dong Yeol Kye, who served as an Assistant Governor 2010-11 and is a retired public official but now owns his own company, Team Member Jeong Jeong-In, a math teacher at Anseong Technical HS where he also serves as the Advisor to the Interact Club, Team Member NamHyung Woo, a public official overseeing land use planning in Nam YangJu City, Team Member Jung-Nam (Samantha) Park, who works at the Gates English Library as an instructor and is a trained classic pianist and enjoys baseball, and Team Member Su-yeun Jung, a public health nurse in Gyeongg-do Yeoju with previous experience as a surgical and psychiatric nurse.

The farewell dinner will be held on Friday 16 Nov. at the Wyndham Garden Exton Valley Forge starting at 6:30p with the event costing $25. <Message from John Washington>

GSE Alum to Brazil in April and May from D-7450 would make great speakers at your Club meeting – they can be contacted as follows: Team Leader and Phila Club Rotarian Sandra Goldberg – Tonia Adleta – Evan Black – Anna Dennery – Lavell Kirby – Max Lovitz-Woltson –

The In-Bound GSE Team from S. Korea D-3600 which will be in Area 2 Nov. 11th – 17th consists of Rotarian Team Leader Dong Yeol Kye, a retired public official in Yongin City and former soldier during the Vietnam War and 2010-11 Assist. Gov.; Jeong Jeong-In, a math teacher at Anseong Technical HS and Interact Club advisor who enjoys soccer; 31 year old NamHyung Woo, a civil servant in the NamYangJu City Hall (a forester) who does plan review for those desiring to build homes in environmental sensitive areas; Jung-Nam Park (goes by Samantha) who works at the Gates English Library as an instructor and who is trained as a classic pianist, but enjoys baseball and wants to see an MLB game; and Su-yeun Jung, 30 years old and who works in Gyeongg-do Yeoju where she works in public health as a trained nurse with previous experience as a surgical and psychiatric nurse.
Polio cases have plummeted by more than 99% since 1988, when Rotary partnered with the WHO, UNICEF, and the US CDC to launch the Global Polio Eradication Initiative. While Rotary has donated $1.2 billion so far, the current funding short-fall is close to $1 billion that could derail the entire effort. It is estimated that if eradication efforts fail and polio rebounds, up to 250,00 children a year could become infected and paralyzed.


After 6 weeks in Brazil, we are now back on American soil. What an adventure we all had. The Brazilian Rotarians opened up their homes and hearts to us 100 %. The team members consisted of Tonia Adleta, Evan Black, Anna Dennery, Max Lovitz-Wolfson, and Lavell Kirby. The sponsoring Rotary clubs in order above were: West Grove- Avondale, Philadelphia, Glenside, NE Philadelphia Sunrisers, and Upper Darby-Lansdowne.

District 7450 was welcomed by Brazil District 4530. We visited and lived with families in the District Federal which included: Brasilia, Goiania, Annapolis, Alto Paraiso, Formosa, and Taguatinga. A daily schedule went from early morning to late evening with experiencing the Brazilian culture, food, education, hospitals, and services given by the Rotary clubs. We delivered about 25 presentations in Portuguese about our district and also about Philadelphia to the Rotary Clubs in 4530.

In Taguatinga, we all visited a soccer team of young underprivileged boys that were kept off the streets and off drugs with their program that included soccer, education, and free fruits and nourishment. Max Lovitz- Wolfson took it upon himself through Facebook to collect money and give 500 dollars of equipment –balls, shoes, shirts, and medals to these young boys on his one free day.

This team, I can say as their leader, represented our district in the highest fashion. It was a team of 5 young professionals, who gave their warmth, love, spirit to the Brazilian Rotarians.

They learned to give their power point presentations in Portuguese. They learned to smile, even when exhausted, and I am very proud of them and look forward to them joining Rotary in the future and to see their accomplishments for society.

Once we safely arrived at our destination we were greeted by friendly Rotarians, PDG Klaus Hachfeld, and his wife Glenis from our host District 7910. The next day of training included learning about the Rotary foundation, the future vision, and the five avenues of service. Ambassador Paul Taylor, the keynote speaker, spoke of spreading peace through diplomacy. He explained that diplomacy is simply listening to others.The weekend was a great opportunity to speak with GSE alumni as well as other outbound GSE teams from the NorthEast districts. We all learned a lot about Rotary and the Group Study Exchange program. We all feel very energized and inspired for our trip, as well as grateful to Rotary District 7450 and our sponsoring Rotary clubs!!

On April 14, 2012, District 7450 sent a GSE team to District 4530 in Brasilla, Brazil for 6 weeks. The team consists of Rotarian Team Leader Sandra Goldberg from the Philadelphia Rotary Club; team members Tonia Adleta sponsored by the West Grove-Avondale Rotary Club, Evan Black sponsored by the Philadelphia Rotary Club, Anna Dennery sponsored by the Glenside Rotary Club, Lavell Kirby sponsored by the Northeast Sunrisers Rotary Club and Maxwell Wolfson-Lovitz sponsored by the Upper Darby-Lansdowne Rotary Club. The team attended the Northeast Link – Zone Orientation in Boxborough, MA is January and then met weekly for Portuguese lessons. It is a great team and we look forward to hearing about their travels through their daily blog. <more> <blog>

The Group Study Exchange (GSE) program of The Rotary Foundation is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for young business and professional men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 and in the early years of their professional lives. The program provides travel grants for teams to exchange visits between paired areas in different countries. For four to six weeks, team members experience the host country's institutions and ways of life, observe their own vocations as practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas.  


2010-11 -GSE Team from Brazil
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