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Classification Talk

Each new member of Rotary will be asked to give a "classification talk" after they have been in Rotary for 1 - 6 months. You were assigned a classification when you joined relating to your business & position. This means you will be the program of the day. It is your chance to tell members about yourself and your business. It shouldn't be a big chore because you should already know all the answers. Your talk can be 5 to 20 minutes long. You don't have to go the limit. We do try to end meetings at 815 AM.

Your personal story can be elaborate or short. To help you, some things you might want to include are:

    Introduce yourself

    You live in (town)

    Married or single

    Spouse's name if applicable

    Children and ages

    Schools they attend

    Spouse's business if applicable

    Any famous children or do they do something special

    Where you lived before. Where you grew up. Where you went to school

    Where you met you spouse, if applicable Service?

    Hobbies: Fishing, Camping or RVing, Ham Radio, Stamps, Computers, Traveling, Boating, Flying,

Where you work now Where you have worked before (optional)

    What your business does or sells. How long you have been there. What you do for the company or position.

    Any special items you sell or special services your company does

    What makes your company special

    Business History: how long its been there

    Any business travels to other countries or places. How often. With group, family, individually

This is your big chance to "advertise" your company to Rotary members. We do want to know where your company is and what it does.

You do not have to answer all questions above; they are intended to give an idea of what to say if you need help getting started. It is only intended as a possible outline.

The talk is not mean to embarass you, but to let us get to know you as you want us to.

You are not expected to "come off" as a professional speaker. Most of us are not.

If you have something special to show us, you can bring it in.