Bala Cynwyd-Narberth # 5464 - Area 4 ~ updated 3/2017
2016-17 President:
Secretary: Wiener, Thomas E. (Tom)
(C) 610-416-2332

Meeting: Wednesday 12:15
Aldar Bistro
281 Montgomery Ave.,
Bala Cynwyd (610) 667-1245
The Rotary Club of Chestnut Hill, [] together with the Rotary Club of Bala Cynwyd-Narberth, [] along with their friends, relatives and congregants helped assemble 10,000 emergency meals for at St. Paul's Episcopal church in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA. This is the second year that St. Paul's, Rotary and STOP HUNGER NOW joined together to help celebrate Martin Luther King Service Day on January 20, 2014.
More than 1 million free meals were delivered By STOP HUNGER NOW to the Philippines shortly after the typhoon devastated the islands late last year.
The Rotary Club of Bala Cynwyd-Narberth awarded a District Matching Grant to Jazz Bridge on behalf of the Sunday night jazz session at the La Rose Supper Club. Rob Henderson, founder and host of the Sunday night jazz session accepted the award. The LaRose Supper Club is located at 5531 Germantown Avenue in Germantown (Germantown Avenue at Schoolhouse Lane).
The Rotary Club of Bala Cynwyd-Narberth was chartered in 1926. The District Matching Grant for the Sunday night jazz session at LaRose was comprised of $1000 from the District and a matching $1000 from the Club. <more>

November 21, 2012 Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. The Rotary Club of Bala Cynwyd - Narberth was honored to have Rotarian John Bannan, Founder and Executive Director of the Philadelphia Children s!" Foundation and member of The Rotary Club of Northeast Sunrisers in Philadelphia, as there guest speaker during their weekly meeting on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at Aldar Bistro in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania. Mr. Bannan delivered a compelling and educational talk regarding the pressing needs of Philadelphia s youth and the staggering statistics that plague the city s public school system. Some of those stunning figures are as follows: <more>   

(L-R) Rotarians Sean Teaford, Sargent-At-Arms, The Rotary Club of Bala Cynwyd-Narberth and John Bannan III, guest Speaker from The Rotary Club of Northeast Sunrisers Philadelphia, and Founder/Executive Director of the Philadelphia Children's Foundation on 11-21-2012 Photo by Rotarian Rick Trivane

Sam Katz Guest Speaker Rotary Club of Bala Cynwyd-Narberth 2-8-2012

Sam Katz is widely known in Philadelphia for campaigning. But he has had considerably more success in business. More than a decade ago, he lost the mayoralty to John Street in one of the closest and most controversial big city elections in at least a generation, enough to warrant a celebrated documentary. Running a competitive Republican campaign in an overwhelmingly Democratic city was enough to make him a recurrent candidate suggestion, as recent as this mayoral race. No matter that a mayoral primary loss in 1991, a governor primary loss in 1994 and a failed rematch against Street in 2003 has tied losing in politics to his legacy.

Where Katz, 62, has maintained his air of success has been in business and government oversight.
In March of 2011, Katz was named the chairman of the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, the state-created panel that oversees city finances and quickly became the public face of an important body that has often operated in relative public obscurity.
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